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Our story is about a young man named Conrad. After graduating college, and being uncertain about his future, he is convinced to join the military at the behest of those close to him. Upon taking an R&R leave from basic training, he stumbles on a thought-provoking anti-war speech and meets a young intelligent woman in the crowd. This woman introduces him to her brother, an Iraq war veteran who shares with Conrad the brutal and harsh realities of war. Conrad is forced to discover who he really is, and in doing so, make a moral decision that will affect the rest of his life.


The main theme in this story deals with our protagonist’s struggle of finding himself and what his true beliefs are. Our protagonist has been pulled in different directions throughout his life with his parents and people in positions of authority constantly telling him what path he should be taking. From his mother always emphasizing that he go to college and get an education to his father and professor convincing him to join the army for the challenge and because he’s “looking for action”, he has never really made a decision for himself.

The second major theme is an anti-war statement. This short film is not out to criticize those who serve in the military. The purpose is to make a statement condemning those in a position of power and influence who send young men and women to invade other countries to profit off their service. With the current tensions between the US and Iran over Iran “potentially” developing a nuclear weapon, a war with Iran in the future is a real possibility and would on all accounts end up just like another Iraq. Where thousands of civilians and soldiers would be killed, infrastructure and homes destroyed and trillions of dollars in further debt would be the outcome.


With the current state of events’ relevancy, this film sparks a conversation that needs to be at the forefront in our society. People often associate anti-war sentiments with hippies, or leftists; this film intends to use logic and reason to make some very thought-provoking points about the reality of war in this day and age, without taking sides on the political spectrum. Ultimately, Desertion is a film that situates its message¬†within a very relatable human and emotional context. Beyond just submitting your voice for the limited political options you have at the polls, you can take advantage of the democratization of film through the indiegogo platform, as it directly influences the films that are created for the public — and therefore the conversations that we have in our society and culture.


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